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Talis Abolins

Talis Abolins has more than 20 years’ experience as an attorney in Washington State. He is dedicated to representing persons injured by negligence, and also handles wrongful death claims on behalf of the survivors of persons whose lives have been lost due to a wrongful act. He maintains offices in Columbia City, Seattle and Puyallup, Washington.

Talis began his legal career with the Attorney General’s Office, where he developed experience in a variety of areas. As an Assistant Attorney General, Talis served as one of three attorneys on the Torts Appellate Program, which handled or supervised all appeals involving claims of personal injury or wrongful death arising from State agencies and employees. He also served as lead counsel for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, and developed experience in other areas, including employment, business and contracts; and land use and environmental law. Talis has successfully worked on cases at all levels of the state and federal courts, including a civil rights case accepted for review by the United States Supreme Court. In 2005, he authored an amicus brief on behalf of the Attorneys General of Washington and 16 other states involving a civil rights claim against law enforcement.

Between 2005 and 2015, Talis worked in the firm of Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, where he quickly became a partner. In private practice Talis continued to represent clients on personal injury and employment matters. He became the firm’s lead partner in charge of personal injury and wrongful death claims, and also represented a number of employees who were victims of discrimination and sexual harassment.

In 2015, Talis joined Advocates Law Group. In addition to his Seattle office, Talis also maintains an office in the Puyallup/Sumner Valley where his family hails from. Talis is a lifelong resident of Washington, and a third generation Husky. He and his family enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Hobbies include photography, hiking and mountaineering, and sailing. Talis and his wife Marla are also heavily involved in efforts to revitalize the area around the Mount Baker Town Center.

AVVO rating: 10 out of 10!

For more information, please visit Talis’s website or call him at 253-686-5175.

“Knowledgeable, Honest and Dedicated. We would highly recommend Talis Abolins’ services. Talis is a hard working, honest, dedicated attorney who went to great lengths to get the best possible settlement for our daughter. Talis quickly answered any questions we had during the process and took time to explain each step and every option we had available to us. Talis is very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Talis takes a personal interest in his clients which is shown through his commitment to each case.”
— Tanja, mother of a personal injury client, 2015

“Talis Abolins … took on my case, which was extremely complex. Talis and his staff were so professional and seemed to handle my case on a personal level. Anyone can put 100% trust in Talis. He expertly negotiated on my behalf and I received a settlement at or above what cases of my type are normally settled. Thank you, Talis, so very much!”
— Kelly, personal injury client, 2013

“Quick, efficient and common sense. Talis Abolins helped put me at ease with a difficult contract / agreement situation. He took the information I had and did an amazing job of ensuring the security of my future and ability to provide for my family. I can’t thank him enough.”
— Michael, contract client, 2012

“I would highly recommend Talis Abolins. Very honest and trustworthy with a lot of integrity. Our case involved unpaid wages, and he did a wonderful job representing us, and being very honest on what we can expect. We would use him again if needed, and highly recommend Talis for any legal matters.”
— John, employment client, 2011

For more great reviews, please see Talis’s AVVO page. You can also visit his website or call him at 253-686-5175.

Seattle Office:
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