Erin Lau Design

Erin Lau Design provides design and installation services for residential, commercial & Permaculture landscapes in the South Seattle area. We design gardens that are modern, artistic, sustainable – and often edible!

A landscape designer is essential to any sustainable, well-composed, functioning garden. Imagine being able to walk out into your yard and being welcomed by a pleasing garden layout, thriving plants that need little maintenance and the comfort of knowing that your garden will keep growing for years to come.  Our design services will take you through the necessary processes to realize the full potential of your garden which include:

  • Spatial composition- what is the best flow/ most efficient use of space?
  • Looking at the garden as an entire ecosystem- how insects and birds enhance your garden and how other environmental factors will affect its growth
  • Edible and ornamental combinations- make your garden productive as well as beautiful!
  • Proper plant selection and placement- avoid costly mistakes!
  • Irrigation techniques
  • Grading, Rain Gardens and Site drainage

Erin Lau Design offers two options for design services:

  1. Full Landscape Design- provides you with a detailed, scaled and fully denoted plan. The phases include Site Analysis, Design and Construction Drawings. The Free Pre- Consultation is essentially a meet and greet, and will allow you to learn about the design process, and allow Erin to learn about your project. No design ideas will be given during the Free Pre-Consultation, but a written proposal will follow describing the scope and fee for a Full Design.
  2. 2hr Onsite Consultation: clients receive individualized, in-person, on-site recommendations on plant placement, garden layout, best plant varieties for our region, where to get supplies, maintenance tips, hardscape ideas and more. You’ll walk away with a rough, hand-drawn plan with notes (8.5 x 11), a plant list and other recommendations. This type of plan is best suited for someone who wants to brainstorm and get initial ideas, and maybe even install on their own. While its not typically enough detail to hand off to a contractor (it won’t be fully measured out), it’s a way to collect and organize all your ideas on one page — and see if any of them are viable for your space.

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