Kanjin Yoga

Kanjin-Logo_Stnd-cThe mission of Kanjin Yoga is to teach yoga, for mind-body wellness, to people who enjoy living life to the fullest.

The goal of Kanjin Yoga is to offer our clients a complete mind-body wellness experience during a yoga session that helps one to achieve and maintain physical and mental equilibrium.

We serve new and experienced yoga students age 18+ in three important ways;

1. If you are new or returning to yoga we help you with gentle low-impact yoga in a relaxed environment,
2. If you have a regular practice we help you learn to deepen your typical yoga routine,
3. If you are a business or organization we help you with a customized yoga program for your team.

Kanjin Yoga serves the community through our outreach to groups, schools and organizations to provide yoga classes, yoga demonstrations and wellness education programs. Join us every third Friday for Yoga Night Out at our Hillman City studio! (5701 Rainier Ave S. Suite B, Seattle 98118) Go here for more information.

Kanjin Yoga’s free quarterly newsletter offers inspiring articles about yoga, events, classes, and more.

We believe that yoga is a path to abundant wellness. We help you learn yoga to enhance what you do off the mat. Give us a try. You will leave our sessions feeling refreshed.




All Levels yoga classes and Vinyasa style flow classes that combines gentle movement with breathing techniques and mindfulness. We offer the traditional type of yoga practice for new and experienced students and serve our new students who would like to make yoga a part of their lifestyle.

5701 Rainier Ave S. Suite B, Seattle 98118

3703 S. Edmunds St. #176 Seattle 98118