SPONSORED: Building Character & Connections in Middle School

SPONSORED: Building Character & Connections in Middle School

From Explorer West Middle School

Explorer West Middle School is an independent sixth-eighth grade school in the White Center neighborhood of West Seattle. Families looking for a small, safe, and values forward learning community should visit one of their upcoming open houses.

Imagine your child as an eighth-grader walking across the stage to get their diploma, capping off three years of middle school. As you watch them, what are you going to be most proud of?

If you ask our families and our Head of School, Mr. H, you will hear that we are proud of our kids because they are good people. At Explorer West, our community celebrates students of character and supports their journey to develop it through our core values and strong relationships. View our video to get a peek to see how this happens every day.

Explorer West’s overarching value of respect is deeply rooted in everything that we do. Students help each other in classes, rather than compete. Students demonstrate integrity by learning to think critically, examine evidence, and consider the impact of their decisions, be it in science, history or on the playground. Responsibility is ingrained through community and civic service projects where students realize that they can make a difference in matters they feel are important.

The support of thoughtful and caring adults on campus amplifies the respect students feel for themselves, the school, and their community. They connect with students every day through the subjects they explore together on the trails in our outdoor education programs, on the court and field during our sports programs, and over lunch in their classrooms. Our teachers enjoy and appreciate the wit and curiosity of middle schoolers and dive into the opportunities to be role models for them during this impressionable time in their lives. During these moments, students are seen, appreciated, celebrated, and heard. Never lost.

To learn more about our program, core values, and faculty, we invite you to visit us during our upcoming open houses on November 14th and December 5th. Discover all the ways your student can grow academically and socially through their middle school years.



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