Google Supports South Lake High School with Cyberbullying Grant

Google Supports South Lake High School with Cyberbullying Grant

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and today announced the launch of a year-long pilot program and partnership to provide schools another tool to address online harassment, intimidation and bullying of students.

This pilot is made possible through a Google grant, which will give 40+ SPS middle and high schools access to email or call the helpline toll-free for assistance with social media in schools, specifically navigating apps and services, reporting abuse, and addressing harassment, cyber-bullying, and other harmful content.

School and district personnel will receive:

  • Toll-free and email access to help when social media incidents happen
  • Research-based social media advice for smart, restorative incident response
  • Help with navigating apps, reporting abuse and working with students to resolve cyber-bullying problems on social media
  • Assistance through the helpline’s contacts at Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Kik, Tumblr and other apps that are popular with students.

“We want our schools to be safe places that foster positive change and growth for all of our young people,” said Tina Meade, SPS student civil rights compliance officer. “It is part of all of our responsibility, as educators, parents and community members, to help students learn how to interact with each other with respect and civility, and how to build resiliency in the face of adversity.”

The pilot program is part of an integrated district approach to keeping students safe from harassment, intimidation and bullying.

“With 92 percent of US teens online daily, 24 percent ‘almost constantly,’ and about a third having experienced cyber-bullying, schools need and deserve help when problems turn up in social media,” said iCanHelpline founder Anne Collier. “The helpline is social media intelligence and take-down help for school incident response.”

Google has supported the development of iCanHelpline as a resource for schools, including financial support of the nonprofit’s initial pilot, and its statewide deployment throughout California last year.

“We all use the web to learn, play, and communicate, and students are no exception,” said Darcy Nothnagle, head of external affairs for the NW at Google. “We’re proud to support iCanHelpline as a resource for Seattle schools to help keep kids safe online.”

Access to is limited to school or district staff. Links to emergency and specialized help services and school social media resources are available to everyone, 24/7, at by clicking on “Resources” on the home page. The service is made possible through the helpline’s partnerships with social media companies. For more information, visit the SPS website post on the district’s multi-tiered approach to supporting students in this area.


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