Small Business Spotlight: RainierView Advisors

Small Business Spotlight: RainierView Advisors

Roderick Givens
RainierView Advisors, LLC
5611 South Ryan St., Seattle, WA 98178


How long in business?
21 months

Year opened?
May 2015

What does your business do?
We provide comprehensive independent financial planning to private clients and businesses.

What are your main products/services?
Financial planning, risk management, investment management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investment Management includes portfolio review and recommendations, asset allocation, and valuations.

What problem do you solve for your customers? What necessity or desire do you satisfy?
Many clients do not have a comprehensive plan individually, much less as a family. We develop a cash flow analysis & net worth statement that incorporates, taxes, inflation, changes to income and expenses, to achieve various goals for our clients.

What inspired you to start your business?
There has been a clear evolution of individual needs, employee/Employer relationship and ultimately, financial advice. Since companies have pushed the responsibility of many aspects of financial management back to the employee, the financial services industry generally remained product focused and not solved the big picture for most clients. By offering a fee-based solutions agnostic to product we feel the clients interest are easier to serve first. Bigger investment firms are slower to adapt to change the gap between those providing comprehensive solutions and clients has widened.

What makes your business different or unique compared to your competitors?  
19 years of direct investment experience, Certified Financial Planner TM <2% of Investment Advisors have this, Certified Investment Management Analyst, full fiduciary responsibility ALL the time, retainer model, institutional background responsible for $1Billion of client analysis and reporting, collaborative approach with clients, strategic partnerships with other professionals like CPA, Estate Planners, insurance brokers, and bankers. Independent, not owned by bank or brokerage house, only paid by clients, based in South Seattle, black-owned, social media friendly.

What do you like most about what you do?  
Helping people achieve their goals and break down the walls of advice to those who normally wouldn’t have access.

Do you have any special news, deals or events to promote in the year ahead?  
In February, we launched a Marriage & Money: Planning Your forever After workshop that is designed for engaged couples on the moving parts of marriage before they say “I Do.” This is a collaborative effort of an Estate Planner, Financial Planner, and behavioral psychiatrist to give the inside look of what most engaged couples don’t know about marriage.

In January, we joined XY Planning Network, a group of fee-only financial planners who focus on Generation X and Y clients. This includes offering financial planning untethered to investable assets so there truly isn’t an investment minimum.

This month, we are launching our Family and Finances which focuses on the moving parts of finances from a family perspective. In September, we are launching our career changer workshop; in October, we have our succession planning (Horizons) workshop, and in November we are launching our Planning Forever after families or caretakers of the terminally ill.

Do you have any future plans for growth or expansion that you can share with us?  
RainierView’s business model is predicated on strategic partnerships with other professionals in the financial planning sphere. However, we are in active conversations to bring on a para-planner (someone to input and analyze the data provided by the client) in the next couple months.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about you/your business?
We truly look out for our clients best interest and are not tied to a quarterly earnings number, thus we can take a longer term approach. We continue to stay active in the community because we know the biggest investment we make is with our neighbors and businesses.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?  
We take pride in our ability to look at problems and “the accepted normal” differently. The prime example is our name RainierView.  Many people believe RainierView represents the view OF Mt. Rainier. It’s a reasonable assumption since Mt. Rainier is majestic, seen from many points in the Puget Sound Area, and an icon of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle.

However, RainierView refers to the view or perspective FROM a high level like Mt. Rainier to a multitude of destinations. We feel that financial planning isn’t about helping a client reach one point in their financial picture. Instead, we help them understand where they want to go. Evaluate the various routes and ultimately be with them as they navigate all complexities of their financial journey.

GO: South Seattle connects neighbors with the people and places that make this Seattle’s most vibrant community. For advertising inquiries, please contact us at 206.234.9866 or


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