Dunlap Elementary Students Imagine Greatness

Dunlap Elementary Students Imagine Greatness

The children at Dunlap Elementary never imagined they could have more pride in their school than they already did – until recently.

Dunlap Elementary, located in South Seattle, is made up of 350 students from preschool to fifth grade; it is also a Title I school. This classification means more than 80% of these students are below the poverty line or homeless, and many receive additional support from the school. This week, they got a little outside help, as well.

Miguel Roque, Director of Merch by Amazon, has always been passionate about helping others in his community, recently purchasing school swag for students at his children’s school who were unable to do so due to financial troubles. The contribution sparked an idea in Miguel – he and his team could use their work at Merch by Amazon to support area schools.

The team was introduced to Dunlap Elementary and quickly learned that, not only did they not have school merchandise, they also did not have an official logo or crest. In the spirit of giving, Miguel and his team used the funds meant for their holiday party toward the design of a new school logo and the production of t-shirts for every child and staff member.

Last week, those shirts were presented to Dunlap Elementary at a school-wide assembly. In the center of the new Dunlap Dolphin crest are the words, “Imagine Greatness,” a phrase voted on by the school to encompass what they are truly all about. Thanks to Miguel and the Merch by Amazon team, the students and staff at Dunlap Elementary have a renewed sense of pride and community.

Merch by Amazon is new to the Amazon network and, as they continue to grow and refine their work, they hope to do similar school giveaways a few times a year.

Proud Dunlap students sport their cool new school swag.


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