City Grants for 8 South Seattle Organizations

City Grants for 8 South Seattle Organizations

Mayor Ed Murray announced an investment of $417,227 in matching funds to support 23 neighborhood-initiated projects across the city, including eight in South Seattle. The awards are from the Neighborhood Matching Fund for such projects as community celebrations to multi-media training for youth.

“For 28 years the Neighborhood Marching Fund has helped to support the efforts of community members to make improvements to their communities and neighborhoods,” said Murray. “These projects have included playground improvements, creation of community sidewalks, and construction of parklets for all to enjoy. These efforts are successful because they are driven by community members building connections and engaging with each other to make their projects happen.”

The awards are part of the Small and Simple Projects Fund, one of three funds offered by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. It provides cash awards of up to $25,000 in matching funds to community organizations committed to fostering and building a better community. The 2016 June awards range from $5,100 to $25,000, and the organizations pledge to match the City of Seattle’s $417,227 investment with $550,072 of locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor.

8 South Seattle Organizations Receiving Neighborhood Matching Funds:

1. $25,000 to Beacon Hill International School Playground Steering Committee for a community-led project to replace the outdated and unsafe playground structure that was recently removed from the play area. (Community match: $85,825)

2. $25,000 to Alleycat Acres to transform an SDOT Right of Way into a community space providing neighbors a safe, clean environment to walk, gather, and grow food. The Wetmore Community Garden will increase food security through education and volunteerism, encouraging community members to grow their own food. (Community match: $32,585)

3. $25,000 to Project Orca Playground to install play equipment, native plantings, interpretive signage and other improvements to the outdoor play area and rain garden at the Orca K-8 public school. (Community match: $26,000)

4. $17,575 to Mount Baker Business District Association to produce a business district festival with tactical urbanism installations to promote the Mount Baker Hub business district and develop a sense of community and place around the Mount Baker Light Rail Station. (Community match: $20,040)

5. $17,000 to Breast Cancer Awareness Steering Committee for a free family-friendly event on Oct. 22-23 to raise awareness of the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer. (Community match: $21,850)

6. $16,300 to Friends of Rainier Beach Streatery at Jude’s to construct a streatery with a bicycle and edible garden theme to serve as a point of pride and identification for the neighborhood and serve as a hub for youth-focused community events. (Community match: $16,325)

7. $12,000 to Saturday Studio to design and build a parklet for the Hillman City Collaboratory which will  be a community space that tells and helps form the ongoing story of Hillman City. (Community match: $12,000)

8. $5,100 to Sisters of South Seattle for an event to get K-12 students excited about going back to school with food, games, school supplies, along with information on time management and after-school activities. (Community match: $5,100)

Image/Schematic for neighborhood matching fun recipient Project Orca Playground.


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