South Seattle: Do You Know Where Your Water Comes From?

South Seattle: Do You Know Where Your Water Comes From?

From Seattle Public Utilities & Cedar River Watershed Education Center:

When you turn on your faucet, do you know where your water comes from?

For the greater Seattle area, clean, clear mountain rivers flow into two reservoirs, providing 1.3 million people with their drinking water. These reservoirs are contained within two watersheds, the Cedar River Watershed and the Tolt River Watershed. Seattle Public Utilities owns and manages both watersheds, providing the highest quality water possible in order to keep Seattle the best place to live. Despite this, it is still important to have filters fitted in your home just in case, At Water Filter Way you can find out everything you need about how these systems work and why they’re so important.

The Education Center, located along the shores of Rattlesnake Lake, is the gateway to the Cedar River Municipal Watershed, which is closed to the public to protect your drinking water.

The Center delights and informs visitors, connecting people to the unique cultural and natural history of Seattle’s drinking water, inspiring confidence, stewardship, and sustainability. Friendly staff are available to answer questions at the front desk Tuesday-Sunday.

Programs are offered both at the Education Center and within the closed boundaries of the Watershed throughout the year for all ages, interests, and abilities.

  • Listen to rhythms from around the world in the Rain Drum Courtyard
  • Visit the award-winning Water is Magic Exhibit Hall
  • Experience the water cycle like never before
  • Discover artifacts from the past
  • Go on a tour
  • Take a stroll along Rattlesnake Lake or hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge
  • Visit the Heritage Library to delve deeper into Cedar River Watershed history

Visit their website and sign up so you, too, can experience this magnificent place that you are a part of every day, simply by using water.


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