6 South Seattle Business Districts Awarded Improvement Grants

6 South Seattle Business Districts Awarded Improvement Grants

Today, Mayor Ed Murray announced $1.6 million in neighborhood investments through the Only in Seattle initiative. This year’s grants will make investments in 19 neighborhoods, including six in South Seattle.

The Othello neighborhood was the biggest winner with an award of $152,275, followed by Rainier Beach and Beacon Hill which received $75,000 and $47,800 respectively. Mt. Baker, Hillman City and Georgetown each received awards between $20,000 and $28,000.

“Neighborhood business districts are the economic engines of our city,” said Brian Surratt, Director of the Office of Economic Development. “The uniqueness of each neighborhood is one of the reasons people love to live here.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 80 percent of Seattle businesses are small businesses, and the Paychex IHS Small Business Jobs Index cites Seattle as the number one U.S. metro area for small business job growth.

The Only in Seattle grants will support a variety of efforts, including:

  • Business and retail development (supporting businesses, attracting new businesses)
  • Marketing and promotion (events, social media, district advertising)
  • Clean and safe (graffiti removal, garbage pick-up, lighting)
  • Streetscape and appearance (catalytic development projects, façade, public art)
  • Business organization development to sustain the effort, including the creation of a Business Improvement Area (BIA) or exploration to form one.

Other benefiting business districts include Ballard ($85,000), Capitol Hill ($137,500), Central Area ($102,000), Chinatown-ID ($150,880), First Hill ($40,000), Lake City ($75,000), Magnolia ($15,000) and South Park ($60,000).

In addition, Beacon Hill will receive $10,000 for wayfinding signs to be installed at the light rail station and art placed on signal boxes, while Hillman City will receive support from the Office of Arts & Culture to organize festive gatherings of business district leaders, artists, arts organizations and/or cultural organizations to meet and explore possibilities for collaboration, as well as assistance from bi-lingual, bi-cultural outreach specialists to offer technical assistance and problem solving for businesses of color in their districts.

South Seattle Business Districts Awarded Only in Seattle Grants:

  • Othello ($152,275)
  • Rainier Beach ($75,000)
  • Beacon Hill ($47,800)
  • Mt. Baker ($28,000)
  • Hillman City ($24,700)
  • Georgetown ($20,000)

The Othello neighborhood was the biggest winner with an award of $152,275. Photo/GO: South Seattle



  1. These grants are great, but I feel like the Brighton neighborhood is just totally being ignored!

  2. I’m a Beacon Hill Business Owner, who do we contact to get support from these grants?