South Seattle History: Was Chubby & Tubby Part of Your Christmas Tradition?

South Seattle History: Was Chubby & Tubby Part of Your Christmas Tradition?

Founded in 1946, Chubby & Tubby grew into a Seattle institution, with three locations offering bargains in hardware, housewares, and garden supplies. Their famous Christmas trees sold for 97 cents in the early years and were still a bargain at the time the business closed in 2003. Was Chubby & Tubby Part of Your Christmas Tradition? Photo/GO: South Seattle



  1. Kathie (sorenson) Snodgrass says:

    Oh, yeah! I miss Chubby & Tubby’s. I still have some Christmas lights my parents bought there in the 1950s. And I remember every summer going down and getting to buy a pair of zoris (now called flip flops) that I wore to destruction.

  2. My first tree cost me $3.00. My last one before they closed was $10.00.

  3. Yes definitely my Christmas trees my Chuck Taylors high top converse tennis shoes to countless items for the house it was the offical Home Depot then.

  4. Very much so. I lived in Holly Park. Worked a minimum waged job. I had two sons. Chubby and Tubby was not just our one stop Christmas shop. It was birthdays, back to school, and favorite place to spend allowance money. 😉 🙂

  5. Cecilia Cordova says:

    I would buy my $5 Charlie Brown trees at Chubby and Tubby and dressed the tree up like a ballerina at the nutcracker for my kids, when they were little. Good times.

  6. I moved to Seattle without knowing oeople but in 1971 a coworker told me that Chubby and Tubby on Rainier had great trres. So I drovr my trusty little black VW Bug there. I picked out a . huge tree, and by opening windows, I flew home to 14th and Denny with the tree hanging out both sides of the car. Getting it up 3 flights of steep stairs is another story! But thus began my love affair with C & T. Years later, my family moved near the Green Lake/Aurora store. It was our go for shoes for 3 growing children and for allowance spending. Needless to say, I cried when Chubby & Tubby closed. It wasn’t just a store, it was family.

  7. In 1971/72 I lived in a little house right across the street from the store on Rainer Ave S

  8. The best store in the world. Well not the world but close. Fishing gear, tennis shoes, work boots, Levi’s, anything and everything. As a baby boomer that is one of the best memories of being a kid and an adult. Again well I,m 60yrs. but not really an “Adult”

  9. We lived not far from the one in white center. My brother and my sister unlawful both worked there. They sponsered my brothers race car for many years. Was a great place with lots of memories.

  10. My Dad worked there and so did my brothers during the summer and at Christmas. What great memories, the owners Woody and Irv used to fuss and fight with each other. I remember hanging there when my dad was at work, so much fun.

  11. I just loved that store I lived right down the street from it. I was like 5 they had the neatest stuff in there. We bought our first silver Xmas tree there with the color wheel.

  12. Christina Williams says:

    I worked there for 3 or more years!!!:) I loved that place!!!!!

  13. I grew up in Mt Chubby/Tubby was my place to go for my first camp sleeping bag..was army surplus and smelled of moth balls for years!! But was down/and so warm.And of course Xmas trees also.. Every thing was so available..Memories…

  14. Charlie Broughton says:

    My mother (Emily) worked at the White Center stores for 24 1/2 years. She retired in 1984. I too remember the owners and their “little spats”. Fun place, needed to Christmas trees to make one. My dad loved to get his fishing gear there and I remember they had the best prices on 501 Levis when my son was in school.

  15. Phillip burrell says:

    In the sixties 501s were 3.00 it was my only store to purchase clothes in the days.

  16. i grew up on Beacon Hill so we could walk down to C&T crossing Cheasty bvld and Empire Way, but it was worth it. they had everything we needed. Someone used the word zories…that brings back a lot of memories , every year in the summer we would be at C&T to get zories, and by the end of summer they were trash. Loved that store!

  17. michael g getty says:

    I grew up in genesee and 42nd street and would walk to Chubby and Tubby to buy record albums it was the only place that sold them in the Valley My dad bought our school clothes from there or Wigwam I loved growing up in Rainier Valley wished i still lived there