Then & Now: From Angie’s Tavern to Salted Sea

Then & Now: From Angie’s Tavern to Salted Sea

A new restaurant is coming to the former site of one of Rainier Valley’s most notorious and beloved watering holes.

Salted Sea — a “modern American seafood restaurant and raw bar” — plans to open soon at 4915 Rainier Avenue South near South Hudson Street, once home to Angie’s Tavern.

angiesAngie’s had been a south-end mainstay for decades when it closed in 2010 after the state Liquor Control Board refused to renew its liquor license.

At the time, an assistant Seattle City Attorney said Angie’s “endanger[ed] public safety and community welfare.”

The Seattle Weekly predicted as much back in 2009 when they named Angie’s one of Seattle’s 10 Most Intimidating Dive Bars.

“As Columbia City continues its march toward gentrification, Angie’s is bound to come under increased scrutiny. Occasionally you’ll hear the place mentioned as a hotbed of drugs, drunkenness, and violence. Not to say that sort of thing doesn’t exist to some extent at Angie’s—it does at just about every bar—but when a neighborhood tends to get too full of itself, hyperbole often masquerades as truth. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail in Columbia City, and Angie’s is embraced as the cultural and commercial forerunner that it is.”

So much for that!

Salted Sea will serve raw oysters, brunch, sandwiches such as the Lamb Burger and Salted Sea Bahn Mi, and entrees like Whole Roasted Trout, Butter-Poached Prawn and Roasted Dungeness Crab.

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